January 13, 2023

Get Started With Your 2023 Real Estate Goals Today

Start Working on Building Your New Year’s Resolutions Today!

2023 is right around the corner, but as a real estate professional, there is no reason to wait until the new year to start examining real estate trends and setting new, loftier goals and resolutions for the coming year. Even with the Las Vegas real estate market taking a bit of a downturn, it is still a seller’s market with prices remaining on the high end, and with the right planning and pointed, deliberate action, you can keep the sales and commissions rolling in.

Examining Market Trends

With interest rates going up, home sales have slowed a bit in the Las Vegas area. According to Las Vegas REALTORS®, the median home price was $440,000 in October 2022, down from $450,000 in the previous two months and a 2022 high of $482,000 in May. But, even with the downturn, only 4.6 months of inventory is available, continuing the trend of a seller’s market.

Make Yourself Noticed

Closing a sale may be a bit harder now, so it is important to keep building your brand and make yourself noticed, both in your local community and outside it. Customers prefer working with real estate professionals who have intimate knowledge of the area, so make yourself visible in your community by attending community events, volunteering during the holidays, and keeping an active presence on local social media groups and digital accounts. But don’t keep your focus too narrow—there are still plenty of people looking to move to the Las Vegas area who are searching for a knowledgeable, helpful real estate agent who can help them find their dream home.

Respond Quickly

As slow as the market is right now, it is important to act quickly on any inquires or leads you may receive. Customer service should always be the top priority, and that means fast responses to all communications. Make use of all the communication avenues and technologies at your disposal to make the work easier, from email and text messages to social media and multiple listing services.

Get Clients the Answers They Need

When you run into questions that you can’t answer about your properties or the sales process, be prepared with subject matter experts at the ready. You can’t know everything, but it is important to get clients the answers they need in a timely fashion. It can make or break a sale, and it shows the customers that you care about their concerns. Plus, by reaching out to local experts, you can build a network that helps to attract more business for everyone involved.

Title & Escrow Services in Las Vegas

When you or your clients have questions about the closing process, turn to our team at Element Title & Escrows. We are a great resource for information on titles, escrows, real estate data, and related matters. Our company provides title insurance services from national underwriters that protect buyers, sellers, and real estate agents during transactions. We work hard to keep consumers protected and at ease while providing quality service with the highest levels of professionalism.

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January 13, 2023